Layer 3 Routing Switch

Layer 3 Routing Switch

The STCS6010 is a 10G core switch that offers 10 service slots.There are 2 10G modules and 8 full gigabit fiber/ethernet copper modules can be installed into it.

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STCS6010 10G Core Switch Description:

The STCS6010 is a 10Gigabit core routing switch that offers 10 service slots. With which you could install 2 10G modules, plus 8 full 24 port full gigabit switch ( The STCS5024 series) modules into.

The STCS6010 10G multi-service core routing switch is a new-generation switch with high performance .

They are extensively applied in the core layer of E-government networks, Campus networks, Education

networks and Enterprise networks and core layer or aggregation layer of Carrier's IP MANs.

Based on 10G platform, it supports high-speed 10Gbps interface cards that provides interconnection

between MANs, Campus networks and Data centers to construct end-to-end Ethernet, featuring low cost,

high performance and reliability to support abundant services.

Furthermore, it provides L2 and L3 wire-speed packet forwarding and distributed MPLS wire-speed

forwarding by its high performance, high density and high reliability chassis architecture design. It also

provides rich service functions, such as powerful QoS guarantee, complete security management and high reliability. All of these power features enables the STCS6010 to fully meet the requirements of high

capability, high reliability and multiple services networks.

STCS6010 switch supports the functions of strategy routing, IPV6, MPLS, load balancing and so on.

With extended multi-service 10G or full gigabit switching cards, the STCS6010 flexibly meets different

application requirements for any complicated network environments.

Advanced system structure:

The distribution structure design is adopted for STCS6010 10G core switch, powerful ASIC chip is applied in each interface card to provide distribution packet forwarding; Crossbar technology is adopted for cross interface cards that is with high speed packet forwarding capability. Which greatly improve throughput and expansion capabilities of the routing switch. With built in main control board, you don't need to purchase extra equipment slots, Crossbar switching fabric provides switching capacity upto 384G and can be set to work in either active or standby modes. The longest path matches (LPM) layer 3 switching technology.

High switching capacity, high density wire-speed switching

Providing backplane bandwidth of 2.4Tbps, switching capacity of 864gbps and throughput of 643Mpps.

High-density interface cards of the switch enables it supports wire-speed forwarding. In addition, when the switch works under wire-speed forwarding mode, it supports different high-density interface cards and combined interface cards to meet the core layer's requirements for high density and high throughput.

10G interface

10G Ethernet interface card provides richer bandwidth and powerful processing capabilities while preserve the compatibility and easy upgrading. Meanwhile, 10G Ethernet provides pertinent solutions for MAN and WAN applications to simplify the network architecture and reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Supports IP V4/IP V6

Supports IP V6: ICMPV6, OSPFV3 (for IPV6), RIPng, MLDV1/V2, ISATAP, 6 TO 4 Tunnels, configured

Tunnels and so on.

Support L2 VPN (QINQ)

STCS6010 switch supports carrier grade VLan (Double Tagging,VLAN tunnel).To implement the Ethernet

L2VPN, the core switch allows a second tag over the switching data. Outer tag is used for create VPN and provides linking options, while inner tag is used for tagging VLAN information.This feature implements Security Control of data transfer which any traditional ethernet application don't include.

Comprehensive routing protocol support

STCS6010 series 10GE Core Routing switch supports a rich set of routing technology which covers almostly all the existing routing features.

> Supports unicast routing protocols:RIP V1,RIP V2,OSPF, BGP, static routing;

> Supports multicast routing protocols:IGMP,PIM-SM;

> Supports redundancy backup protocol:VRRP.

Flexible QoS

Support for flexible queue scheduling algorithms,Strict Priority (SP),Weighted Round Robin(WRR),

and SP+WRR;8 priority queues.

Support for intelligent Layer 2-7 flow classification;

Support for IEEE 802.1p 、TOS、and DiffServ Code Point.

Rich multicast feature

It supports dynamic unicast/multicast routing protocols,fits different scales of networks structure;

It supports loop detection of IGMP source port and source IP, can efficiently avoid any illegal multicast source and implements high-security of network.

Diversified management modes

STCS6010 core switch support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP),it supports Command Line Interface (CLI),Web management, and TELNET, which greatly simplify its network management.



IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3z,

IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1p, GMRP, GVRP, PIM-SM, IGMP, IEEE 02.1D/1w/1s,

OSPF, RIP1/2 Jumbo Frame (9Kbytes), QinQ, ICMPV6, OSPFV3(for IPV6),

RIPng,  MLDV1/V2, ISATAP, 6 TO 4 Tunnels, configured Tunnels

Backplane  Bandwidth


Switching  Capacity


Packet  Forwarding Rate


Module  slots

10  (Two are used for managed engine module)

LPU  slots


MAC  Table


VLAN  Table


Port  Aggregation

Support  802.3ad ,6 trunks, 8 ports in each trunk


Support  IEEE 802.3D / 802.1w/802.1s






Support DHCP Relay

Support  DHCP Server



Web  Portal




Defeat  DoS Attack


Management  protocol

SNMPv1/v2c/v3, Web(JAVA), CLI(Telnet /Console), RMON(1,2,3,9),

cluster  management, SSH, SNTP, Syslog


Operation  temperature

-20~50  ℃

Storage  temperature

-40~70  ℃


10%  - 90% RH

Power supply

AC:100V~240V, 47~63Hz








Order Information:



> STCS6010 Core Switch  Chassis with fan



> Main control Board

Main Control Unit with Switching Fabric



> Interface Modules :

24-port  10/100/1000BASE-T module



24-port  1000BASE-X (SFP) module



2-port  10G Interface Module, XFP Req. (Standard)



> Power Supply  Configuration

AC  P/S 90-264V



DC  P/S 36-75V



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