Advantages and selection of Industrial switch

- May 08, 2018 -

一、 what is an industrial switch?   

Industrial switch also known as industrial Ethernet switch. At the beginning of the design, ordinary Ethernet did not take into account the application requirements of industrial network, so when the network equipment is deployed in the industrial field, it faces the bad working environment, serious electromagnetic interference and so on. The stability of ordinary commercial switches will be greatly challenged. Therefore, the industrial Ethernet switch with high reliability and stable security emerges as the times require, and becomes a transmission tool which can adapt to the complex industrial environment and facilitate the deployment of the industrial automation network. 

Industrial switches can withstand harsh working environment, rich product range and flexible port configuration, so they can meet the needs of various industrial control fields. With the rapid development of electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, transportation, construction and other industries, the demand for industrial Ethernet switches is increasing. 

So what are the advantages of industrial switches over ordinary commercial switches? The following is your detailed introduction.

二、 Main advantages of industrial switch products 

  1. Use of industrial components

    The industrial switch has a high requirement for the selection of components, so it can well adapt to the industrial environment and support the industrial application in all kinds of bad environment.  

  2. fast loop network, fast redundancy

    Industrial switches generally have fast loop network, fast redundancy, system redundancy time can be less than 50 Ms. Although commercial products can also form redundant networks, the self-healing time is more than 1030 s, which can not meet the use of industrial environment. For example, the industrial ring switch developed and produced by Utopus has a minimum self-healing time of 20 Ms.  

  3. super anti-interference performance

    Industrial grade switches have strong anti-interference performance, can work in harsh electromagnetic environments, and have a higher level of protection against lightning, waterproofing, corrosion, impact and static electricity, etc. Commercial-grade switches do not have these features. For example, Utopus 8-port POE all-gigabit industrial switch has 6KV lightning protection, industrial 4-level protection and anti-jamming capability.  

  4. Adapt to wide temperature environment

    The industrial switchboard generally adopts the folded metal shell, which has better heat dissipation and stronger protection. It can work normally in the temperature range of -40 ℃ -75 ℃, and can adapt to the complex temperature and humidity well. However, the commercial switch products can only work in the range of 0 ℃ -50 ℃, which can not meet the requirements of the harsh climate.  

  5. Design of redundant power supply

    Power supply is a very important part of industrial switch. In order to avoid the trouble caused by the power failure, the double power redundancy design is adopted in the industrial switch to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system. Commercial products generally use AC single power supply mode, which is not suitable for industrial application.

  6. long service life

    Industrial switch adopts industrial grade scheme from shell material to supporting components, so the product has higher reliability, longer service life and more than 10 years service life, while the service life of general commercial switch is 3-5 years.

三. Selection of major measures for industrial switches 

  1. Reliability

    In an industrial field environment, reliability is crucial. The main factors related to the reliability of the product are: hardware tolerance to the working environment, such as EMC electromagnetic compatibility, lightning protection grade, installation and power supply mode, no fan design, redundant mode, Fault diagnosis and recovery ability. In the description of product parameters, there should be a detailed description of the working temperature range, electromagnetic protection, and lightning protection level.  

  2. real-time

    Network data transmission will have a certain delay. Therefore, the first thing to consider in the selection of industrial Ethernet switch is the port delay in the process of data frame forwarding. In a standard plant automation control system, the system can tolerate a response time of no more than 10 milliseconds. Therefore, when selecting a switch, it is important to note that the switch port delay should not exceed 10 microseconds.  

  3. compatibility

    Industrial Ethernet switches and other industrial Ethernet components should be able to communicate using standard TCP/IP protocols. In any case, there should be no incompatibility between industrial Ethernet devices and commercial Ethernet devices. Industrial Ethernet devices should be compatible with different industrial fieldbus solutions.   In addition, in the process of selecting the industrial switch, the user should choose the appropriate twisted-pair or optical fiber interface according to some basic requirements such as transmission distance, transmission bandwidth and so on. In connection with video terminal, wireless base station and other equipment, PoE Ethernet power supply switch can be used for wiring convenience.

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