Back plate fault treatment

- May 03, 2018 -

Each module of the switch is connected to the back board. If the environment is wet, the circuit board is dampened and short-circuited, or the components are damaged due to high temperature, lightning strike and other factors, the circuit board will not work properly. For example, poor heat dissipation or high ambient temperature leads to higher internal temperature, indicating that components burn out. When the external power supply is normal, if the internal modules of the switch do not work properly, then the backplane may be broken. Even the electrical maintenance engineer is afraid there is nothing to be done about it. The only way is to replace the back.

  • Gigabit Optic Converter
  • Media Converter Cards
  • Media Converter 100mbps
  • 6+2 Optic Fiber Switch
  • 1+2 Optic Fiber Switch
  • 8 Ports Fast Ethernet Switch

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