Cell exchange

- Mar 27, 2018 -

ATM technology USES fixed length 53 bytes of cell exchange. Due to the fixed length, thus convenient for hardware implementation. ATM using special non difference connection, run in parallel, can set up multiple nodes through a switch at the same time, but will not affect the communication between each node. ATM is to allow the source node and target, establish multiple virtual links, in order to ensure enough bandwidth, and fault tolerance ability. ATM using the statistical time division circuit to reuse, thus can greatly improve the utilization rate of channel. ATM bandwidth can reach 25 m, 155 m and 622 m, or even several Gb of transmission capacity. But with the emergence of Wan Zhao Ethernet, who represented the future direction of the network and communication technology development of ATM technology, begin to lose the meaning of existence

  • 16 FXS SIP VoIP
  • EPON ONU 4 Ports
  • Media Converter 100mbps
  • Layer 3 Routing Switch
  • 8+8 Ports Fiber Switch

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