Differences between switches and routers

- May 05, 2018 -

Switch means "switch" is a network device for electrical (optical) signal forwarding. It can provide an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes accessing the switch. The most common switch is the Ethernet switch. Other common telephone voice exchange, fiber switch, and so on.

A router is also called a gateway device that is used to connect multiple logically separate networks , so - called logical networks represent a single network or a subnet . When data is transferred from one subnet to another , it can be done through the router ' s routing function . As a result , the router has the function of judging the network address and selecting the IP path . It can establish a flexible connection in a multi - network interconnection environment , can connect various subnets with completely different data packets and media access methods , and the router only accepts information from a source station or other router , and belongs to an interconnection device of the network layer .

What is the difference between switches and routers about switches and routers ?

1 . The router can automatically assign IP to your local area network , virtual dialing , like a traffic policeman , where to go , you don ' t have to worry so much . The switch is just used to allocate network data .

2 . The router is at the network layer . The router addresses the IP address . The router can handle the TCP / IP protocol . The switch cannot . The switch is in the trunk layer , and the switch is addressed according to the MAC address .

3 . The router can assign an IP to a host of hosts that show only one IP . The switch can connect many hosts to each other .

4 . The router provides the services of the firewall . The switch cannot provide the function . The hub and the switch are port - extended , that is , an access point that expands the local area network ( usually Ethernet ) , that is , allows the local area network to connect more computers . Routers are used to make internetworking connections , that is , to connect different networks .

5 . Let ' s give an example : The router is equivalent to the post office , delivering the letter to the recipient ' s address , and the task is complete . But the letter is sent to your dormitory , and the address is not yours alone , so you can ' t send a letter to the beautiful sister in the world . If you don ' t have a post office , you can ' t send a letter to the beautiful sister in the world . It ' s a " wide area network " , and your dormitory building is " local area network " . It ' s not necessary to build a local area network .

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