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- Apr 26, 2018 -

Recently, trade frictions between China and the United States have torn apart the peaceful and peaceful signs of prosperity brought by globalization over the years, putting the essence of competition among big countries in front of us. The United States, taking advantage of its long-term accumulation and superiority in the field of science and technology, did not hesitate to stop China's scientific and technological progress and development by killing the enemy by killing the enemy at a rate of 800 at its own expense, and by going against the tide. Reverse globalization to resolve the challenges posed by China's rising national power, the blueprint for China's 2025 industrial upgrading failed, and the Thucydides trap eventually turned into a tar pit trapped in the Chinese dragon. Although the US government recently released the information of its Treasury Secretary Mnuchin's planned visit to China, the trade war has the possibility and space for further negotiation and negotiation, but we should see firm implementation of the China-made 2025 strategy and further upgrading of the industry. It is the course and direction that we always stick to. Industrial network is an important part of China's 2025 blueprint. The upgrading of the industrial network is helpful to the efficient information exchange and transmission among the industries in the industrial field, the efficient collection of edge data to the control center or the cloud AI center, and the ultimate realization of the edge equipment and industrial network. Intelligent integration of cloud control AI platform. Compared with the operator network, the development of industrial network is relatively weak in unification and standardization, the existing network and equipment standards are dispersed, and the problems of interconnection and interworking are more prominent. However, we should see that the general trend in recent years is quite obvious. For example, in recent years, industrial network technology development and market possession of the latest situation.From the image above, we can see that in the industrial field, industrial etheric technology has been applied more widely, and the newly deployed market share has greatly exceeded the traditional industrial bus. The rapid rise of wireless technology further reflects the latest developments in the Internet of things, including RFID and NB-IOT.    The following is the distribution of stock market technologies in the industrial sector:

From the image above, we can see that industrial Ethernet has grown more than 22% for the second year in a row, and wireless technology has grown more than 32% for the second year in a row. It can be said that these two technologies represent the future of industrial networks. In line with the trend of industrial network development, the concept of independent technology to serve customers, uninterrupted independent research and development, the introduction of new products, services to customers in various industries. In the field of industrial ethernet, CRS series 1U/2U frame switch is introduced, which covers the requirement of multi-port and gigabit port converging scenario. In addition, in order to meet the requirements of low-cost, non-managed scenarios, KMC also plans the CK4000 series, which has the same port configuration as the CRS series, and is more widely used in transparent transmission scenarios. At the same time, the information technology strengthens the interconnection guarantee ability, invests the funds to carry on the interconnection test with the competitor equipment, further guarantees our equipment network expansion and the adaptability, has created the condition for the user network elastic expansion. While ramming, improving, and enhancing the product competition and service capability in the industrial etheric field, we should not forget to look forward to research, invest funds and teams in industrial wireless communication, Internet of things technology, and carry out technology accumulation and product layout in the frontier fields such as industrial wireless communication and Internet of things technology. We are in the forefront of promoting the construction of national industrial infrastructure and ensuring industrial upgrading. Based on the concept of better service to customers, the information technology does not forget to stick to the investment in the traditional stock technology, and continue to advance in the field of bus technology and serial port technology, such as fully ensuring the delivery service ability of the Modbus serial port switch CK6000S / CK7000S, Fully optimize and upgrade serial port conversion gateway CK-SF100 series SE5000 series of software and interface equipment capabilities and so on. Looking forward to the future, we always adhere to the concept of serving customers, creating value for customers, strengthening the grasp of industry trends and technological development, adhering to independent innovation, and constantly providing customers with new products and technologies. News record science and technology will continue to increase investment in industrial interconnection, industrial Internet of things. In order to achieve the national industrial upgrading strategy, to achieve the industrial 2025 blueprint, recorded technology has always been on the road.

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