Port fault processing

- May 03, 2018 -

This is the most common hardware failure, be it fiber-optic or twisted-pair RJ-45, be careful when plugging the connector. Improper fouling of fiber-optic plugs may lead to contamination of fiber ports and failure to communicate properly. We often see a lot of people like live plug-and-unplug connectors, theoretically yes, but this also inadvertently increases the incidence of port failures. Inadvertent handling can also lead to physical damage to the port. If the size of the purchased crystal head is too large, it is easy to break the port when plugged into the switch. In addition, if a pair of twisted pair wires connected to the port are exposed outdoors, the cable may be damaged by lightning, resulting in damage to the connected switch port or even more unexpected damage. In general, a port failure is a failure of one or more ports. Therefore, after troubleshooting the computer connected to the port, we can determine whether it is damaged or not by replacing the connected port. This kind of malfunction can be used to clean the port with alcohol cotton ball after the power is turned off. If the port is indeed corrupted, the port will have to be replaced.

  • Media Converter 6 Port
  • GPON ONU 8
  • 7+1 Ports Web Smart Switches
  • Media Converter 100mbps
  • 1 GE 3 FE EPON ONU
  • 6+2 Ports Web Smart Switches

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