Software failures in switches

- May 05, 2018 -

1, system error:

A switch system is a combination of hardware and software. There is a refreshed read-only memory inside a switch that keeps the necessary software system for the switch. This kind of error is also the same as our common Windows, Linux. Because of the reasons for the design at that time, there are some holes in the switch, which will lead to the full load of the switch when the condition is suitable. The switch system provides such ways as Web, TFTP and so on to download and update the system. Of course, there may be a mistake when upgrading the system. For such a problem, we need to develop the habit of frequent browsing of the equipment vendor's website, such as if a new system is introduced or a new patch is available, please update it in time.

2, misallocation:

Beginners are not familiar with switches, or because different switches are configured differently, administrators often have configuration errors when configuring switches. Such as incorrect VLAN partition, port is turned off, switch and network card configuration mismatch, and so on. Accumulation of experience. If you can't ensure the user's configuration problem, please restore the factory default configuration first, and then step by step. It is best to read the instructions before configuring. This is one of the habits of the network management. Each switch has a detailed installation manual, user manual, and depth to each module. Because many handbooks are written in English, users with poor English can consult with the supplier's engineers before making specific configurations.

3, the password is lost:

This is probably what every administrator has experienced. Once you forget the password, you can restore or reset the system password by a certain number of steps. Some are easy to press a button on a switch. Others need to be solved through a certain procedure. This kind of situation is generally forgotten. Or the failure of the switch will result in data loss.

4, external factors:

Due to the presence of virus or hacker attacks, it is possible that a host sends a large number of packets that do not conform to the rules of the package to the port that is connected, causing the switch processor to be too busy, causing the packet to be too late to forward, and thus causing a buffer overflow to produce a packet loss image. It takes up a lot of network bandwidth, and it will take up a lot of CPU processing time. If the network is occupied by a large number of broadcast packets for a long time, the normal point pair can not go on normally, the network speed will be slow or paralyzed. A network card or a port can cause a storm. Because of the switch, the switch can cause the storm. It can only divide the conflict domain, but can not divide the broadcast domain (in the case of not dividing the VLAN), so when the number of the broadcast packets accounts for 30% of the total amount of communication, the transmission efficiency of the network will be significantly reduced.

The software problem is difficult to find relative to the hardware, it is not as intuitive as the hardware, so the switch reminding people to make sure to do a good job on the record of the fault, to accumulate their experience in identifying the fault of the switch software.

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