Store and forward

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Store-and-forward mode is the most widely used computer network field. It put the input port of packet storage first, and then the examination of the CRC (cyclic redundancy check), take out only after the error packet processing packets to the destination address, by a lookup table is transformed into output port to send out the package. Because of this, store-and-forward mode in the data processing time delay, this is the lack of it, but it can be to enter switches the packets for error detection, effectively improve network performance. Particularly important is that it can support the transformation between the different velocity of port, keep high speed between the port and low-speed port work together.

  • TV Box Octa Core
  • Media Converter POE
  • GPON OLT 8
  • POE Business IP Phone
  • IP Phone POE

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