Table capacity

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Is that should be paid attention to, to exchange layer 4 switches need has the ability to distinguish and the storage of table. Switch at the core of a business network in particular. Many tend to send the second/third layer switch table size proportional to the number of network devices. On layer 4 switches, this number must be multiplied by the network used in different application protocol and the number of sessions. So send the table size increases with the increase of endpoint devices and application type number to grow rapidly. Layer 4 switches, designers need to consider when designing their products table of that growth. Big table capacity to send the fourth floor traffic speed of manufacturing support line of high-performance switches is essential.

  • WiFi SIP Phone
  • GEPON OLT 14u
  • Layer 3 Routing Switch
  • 16 Ports Optic Fiber Switch
  • Optic Fiber Switch 8 Ports

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