The difference between the core switch of the switch and that of the ordinary switch

- May 09, 2018 -

The part of the network that is directly connected to or accessed by users is usually referred to as the access layer, and the part located between the access layer and the core layer is called the distribution layer or convergence layer. The purpose of the access layer is to allow end-users to connect to the network. Therefore, the access layer switch has the characteristics of low cost and high port density; the convergent layer switch is the convergent point of multiple access layer switches, which must be able to handle all traffic from the access layer devices and provide uplink to the core layer. Therefore, the convergent layer switch needs higher performance, fewer interfaces and higher switching rate than the access layer switch. The main purpose of the core layer is to provide an optimized and reliable backbone transmission structure through high speed forwarding communication, so the core layer switch should have higher reliability, performance and throughput.

  • Media Converter SFP
  • ATA 1 FXS Port
  • 24+1 Optic Fiber Switch
  • 16 Ports Optic Fiber Switch
  • 48 Ports Fast Ethernet Switch

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