Classification of switches

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Broadly speaking, network switches are divided into two types: WAN switches and LAN switches. The wide area network switch is mainly used in the telecommunication field and provides the basic platform for communication. The LAN switch is applied to local area network, which is used to connect terminal equipment, such as PC and network printer. From transmission media and transmission speed can be divided into Ethernet switches, Fast Ethernet switches, Gigabit Ethernet switches, FDDI switches, ATM switches and Token ring switches. From the scale application can be divided into enterprise-class switches, departmental switches and workgroup switches. The scale of the vendors is not exactly the same, generally speaking, the enterprise switches are racks, departmental switches can be rack (fewer slots), or fixed profiles, and workgroup-level switches are fixed profiles (simpler). On the other hand, from the size of the application, as a backbone switch, the switch that supports more than 500 information points for large enterprise applications is a class switch, and the switches that support the 300 information points for the following midsize enterprises are departmental switches, while the switches that support 100 information points are team-level switches. The switches described in this article refer to the LAN switch

  • Media Converter POE
  • OLT GPON 16
  • Layer 3 Optic Switch 8 Ports
  • Web Smart Gigabit Switch 16 Ports
  • 3+2 Optic Fiber Switch

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