Common Malfunction Of Switch And Its Solution(1)

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Malfunction: when the core switch is turned on, the switch is not working properly, and the power indicator on the panel is not on and the fan is not rotating.

Cause of failure: this kind of fault is usually caused by the instability of external power supply environment, or the aging of the power supply line, or the failure of the power supply or the stop of the fan caused by the lightning strike, which results in the switch not working properly. There may also be damage to other parts of the switch due to power supply.

Solution: this type of problem is easy to find and easy to solve, when this failure occurs, first check the power system to see if the power outlet has current, voltage is normal. If the power supply is normal, it is necessary to check whether the power cord is damaged, whether it is loose, and so on. If the power cord is damaged, it should be replaced. If it is loose, it will be re-inserted. If the problem has not been solved, The problem should have fallen on the power supply of the switch or other parts of the machine. The first thing to do is to ensure the stability of external power supply environment, which can provide independent power supply by introducing independent power line, and add voltage regulator to avoid instantaneous high voltage or low voltage image. It is recommended that UPS systems be configured if possible.

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