Daily Maintenance And Common Problems Of Telephone Exchange(1)

- Jun 14, 2018 -

1、Control the temperature and humidity of the computer room to ensure the normal range. As with the TV, do not cover anything on the equipment during use, which will lead to poor heat dissipation, make the machine aging ahead of time, reduce the life of the machine. Conditional may add some heat dissipation equipment, such as the place where the machine is placed, such as the machine room should have the air conditioning and the exhaust equipment, the machine environment needs to keep dry.

2, strengthen the management to prevent the unrelated personnel from contact with the switch. And there must be no food and accumulations around the machine, so it is easy to grow bugs, such as cockroaches, mice, and so on, which are very harmful to the switch. Cockroaches will drill into the inside of the switch and mess up the circuit to work properly. Mice and geckos can bite wires and disrupt extension and outside communications.

3. Since the switch works 24 hours a day, it is possible to turn off the power during the long vacation and reboot it at the end of the holiday, which is good for prolonging the life of the machine.

4. Pay attention to anti-static in daily maintenance. In addition, the SPC switch should be away from noise and electromagnetic interference devices, do not pass through the air hole or heat dissipation network into the switch, such as wire, pin, and so on.

5, clean machine cabinet dust regularly, do not clean with liquid and spray cleaner, the shell can be used to wipe soft cloth, do not enter the working circuit liquid.

6. Check the voltage condition regularly, use the rated voltage power supply of the machine. When the power supply fails, please disconnect the group telephone power supply from the circuit as soon as possible to avoid the loss.

7. Maintenance terminal uses password to strengthen authority management and protect data integrity.

There are many types of SPC telephone exchanges, which not only have different functions, but also differ in circuit design and assembly technology among manufacturers. However, in terms of their principle, they are mainly composed of three major parts (control common circuit, user relay circuit, etc.). Power).

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