Daily Maintenance And Common Problems Of Telephone Exchange(2)

- Jun 14, 2018 -

1 the quick repair of switchboard malfunction the hardware connection mode of program-controlled telephone exchange is as follows: modular plug-in structure, that is, the unit circuit board is composed of one or more functions (that is, the user board, which is commonly referred to as "user board"). Relay board and so on, the connection between the unit circuit board adopts the plug-in type. Therefore, the replacement method can be used to quickly troubleshoot.

When analyzing the fault of SPC PBX, the fault factors of artificial fault (such as the setting of hotline function between users will cause the user to be unable to call the dispatching station, etc.) and the fault factors of the external line and telephone should be eliminated first. Then, according to the fault phenomenon, the fault location and reason of the PBX are preliminarily judged, and the corresponding treatment is carried out.

(1) the whole machine failure can not run normally, check whether the output of the power supply is normal, whether the CPU board is running normally, whether the connection between the unit circuit boards is firm and correct. Then the corresponding fault power, the CPU board and the connection are replaced or processed. It must be pointed out that when the CPU is not running normally, the system should be reset, because the program control should be carried out. The user switch has enough measures to ensure that the program is not dead, but as a complete microprocessor, the means to reset the reset is essential and easy to do.

2) when the whole machine appears abnormal keyboard work, the whole machine does not ring, no signal sound, no dispatch called bee sound and so on, the circuit board with corresponding function can be replaced pertinently after removing the fault factors of the working power and connection of the circuit board.

3)If the whole machine is running normally and individual or several users or relays are malfunctioning, simply replace the standby user or relay circuit board.

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