Definition Of Switch

- Mar 27, 2018 -

The Exchange (switching) is a general designation of the technology to be transmitted to the corresponding route according to the requirement of transmitting information at both ends of communication, using manual or equipment automatic completion method. Depending on the working location, the switch can be divided into wide area network switches and LAN switches. Wide-area switch is a device that completes the information exchange function in the communication system, and it is applied to the data link layer. The switch has multiple ports, each with a bridging capability to connect a local area network or a high-performance server or workstation. In fact, the switch is sometimes called a multiport Network bridge. 

In the computer network system, the Exchange concept is proposed to improve the shared work mode. and hub Hub is a physical layer sharing equipment, the hub itself can not identify the MAC address and IP address, when the same local area network a host to B host transmission data, data packets in the hub-structured network is transmitted by radio, Each terminal determines whether to receive by verifying the MAC address of the data header. In other words, in this mode of operation, the network can only transmit a set of data frames at the same time, if the collision has to try again. This approach is to share network bandwidth. Generally speaking, the ordinary switch is not with management function, a line, other interfaces to the computer on it.

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