How Many Holes Are Commonly Used In Large Places?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

How many holes are commonly used in large places? Generally, we use a 28-hole preferential routing EP220-28-193 switch, which is characterized by

Ethernet power: Support IEEE 802.3at Standard Ethernet Power supply Poe) Standard and Power supply equipment PSEP PoE Power supply output up to 30W/ Port, Total Power 193W

Advanced PoE management features: EP220 Series Power Budget Control supporting PoE Poe Power supply function enable / disable Poe Power supply priority Pol Power supply limits PoE power supply schedule.  
Surge protection: EP/ ES220 series support 6 kV surge, lightning protection.  Flexible and extensible solutions: Four or two built-in mini-GBIC slots EPs / ES220 series support full port 1000bbse-SX/ LX SFP fiber modules. The administrator can flexibly select a suitable SFP module according to the required transmission distance. 

 Excellent manageability: Switch provides a variety of management modes, such as control panel support SNMP V1 / V2 / V3, using CLI SNMP web network management and Telnet, switch management easier than SSH encryption 2.0 enhanced security. 

Hui routing is generally in large places such as shopping malls, hotel wifi coverage technology is more mature, reasonable layout of routers, switches and other wireless network equipment, so that every floor of the wifi seamless integration, so that customers can imagine wifi environment anytime and anywhere.

  • Optic Converter Managed
  • WiFi ONU
  • ONU 4 Port Router
  • Layer 3 Gigabit Switch 12 Ports
  • 24 Ports Fast Ethernet Switch

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