Industrial Ethernet Communication Network Planning

- Jun 05, 2018 -

1)In order to obtain better data transmission quality and save the investment cost of equipment and the time cost of network installation and debugging, the reasonable planning is carried out in the initial stage of the project and the network optimization at the system level is considered. 

2) the tree topology is used to divide the network conflict domain reasonably, and the cascading structure of the switch is not used as far as possible, because when the data frame is passed through the network, the delay time will accumulate every time when the data frame is passed through the network. When using the tree topology network, the network is based on the communication relationship between the field devices.

3) Two field devices with relatively large communication traffic between each other are distributed to the same subnet as far as possible, so that the communication traffic in the subnet is as large as possible, and the number of data frames transmitted across the two subnets of the top-level switch is as small as possible. This can effectively reduce the network end-to-end delay. 

4) Local network congestion may lead to the bottleneck of the whole network performance, so the traffic transmitted by each subnet through top-level switch should be distributed as evenly as possible.

  • SIP WiFi Phone
  • 4 FXS SIP VoIP
  • 6+2 Optic Fiber Switch
  • 1+7 Optic Fiber Switch

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