Superior characteristics of Industrial Ethernet switch

- Apr 24, 2018 -

1, fast redundancy Industrial Ethernet products can form a fast redundant network, using Shenzhenji original protocol, for you to build a reliable industrial network Commercial products can also form redundant networks, so redundant self-redundancy time will be up to 10 ~ 30 seconds, so it can not be used in industrial environment. 2, anti-disturbance-applicable to harsh environments Ethernet products can work in harsh electromagnetic environments and have a high level of protection against lightning, fast pulses and static electricity in data ports, which are not available for commercial use. 3, good temperature characteristics & installation flexibility Good temperature characteristics, Ingram series industrial Ethernet switches are designed for wide temperature. The working temperature is 7 ℃ and the storage temperature is 7 ℃. The storage temperature is 75 ℃, which can meet the requirement of stability under the bad weather environment. More flexible installation, industrial products can support guideway installation, panel installation, stacking installation and cabinet installation and many other ways. 4, Power supply advantage & installation Mode advantage The power supply part is the root of any product, all products malfunction, the proportion of power failure is more than 35 [%]. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble caused by power failure, industrial switch products usually choose double power supply mode. And use DC power supply. Commercial products generally use AC single power supply.

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