Poe Switch Has A Wide Application Field

- Jun 18, 2018 -

Poe switches are devices that transmit data to devices based on IP terminals (such as wireless APs, webcams, etc.) without altering any of the existing Ethernet cabling bases. It can also be understood as an ethernet powered switch. Its main function is that the data transmission and power supply .Poe switch can not only provide the transmission function of the ordinary switch, but also provide the power supply function to the other end of the network line equipment. Power supply data transmission integration, no additional power supply module or Poe power supply module for the equipment power supply, a Cat.5 line to complete all the work.

Poe switch is based on the traditional Ethernet switch, the inside of the Poe function, so that the switch not only has a data exchange function, At the same time, the solution of power. Poe switch can not only effectively solve the shortcomings of Poe power supply module, but also provide rich functional characteristics, such as power priority management, overheating overload protection, QoS planning, etc. Security features support and so on, while avoiding the problem of insufficient uplink bandwidth of ONU with built-in Poe function. Poe switches usually provide 2g GE uplink ports or even 10 megabytes uplink.

With the wide application of Ethernet, RJ-45 network socket is widely used in the world, so all kinds of Poe devices have compatibility. Poe does not need to change the cable architecture of Ethernet path. So Poe system not only saves the cost and easy to be wired and installed, but also has the ability of remote power supply and power outage. Poe intelligent power supply for industrial grade switch solves the problem of power supply for the Internet of things terminal. Will play a very important role in the future development of the Internet of things.

The number of access equipment in Poe switch is affected by the standard of switch, the total power of power supply (the number of single port of switch, the transmission data and power of access device). You can select the Poe switch according to the actual situation of the access equipment yo!

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