Power Failure

- Apr 14, 2018 -

The power supply is damaged or the fan stops due to external power supply instability, or the aging of the power supply line or lightning strike, so it can not work properly.Damage to other parts of the machine due to power supply is also a frequent occurrence.If the POWER indicator on the panel is green, it is normal; if the indicator is off, the switch does not have normal power supply.Such problems are easy to find, easy to solve, and the easiest to prevent.For this kind of fault, the external power supply should be done well at first, and the independent power supply should be provided by introducing the independent power line, and the voltage regulator should be added to avoid the phenomenon of instantaneous high voltage or low voltage.If conditions permit, UPS (Uninterruptible Power supply) can be added to ensure the switch's normal power supply, some UPS provides voltage stabilizing function, while others do not.Set up professional lightning protection measures in the computer room to avoid lightning damage to the switch.Now there are a lot of lightning protection engineering professional companies, the implementation of network wiring can be considered.

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