Remote Configuration

- Mar 27, 2018 -

The switch can be connected directly to the computer through the Console port and through the normal port. Instead of configuring the switch locally, you need to implement the switch configuration via telnet or a Web browser. The specific configuration method is as follows:

1, Telnet

The Telnet protocol is a remote access protocol that can be configured by logging on to the switch.

Assuming the switch IP is:, the switch configuration via Telnet takes only two steps: 

Step 1th, click Start, Run, and type "Telnet"

Step 2nd, when you are done, click OK, or click Enter to establish a connection to the remote switch. The switch can then be configured and managed accordingly, depending on the actual need.

2, Web

With the Web interface, you can set up the switch by using the following methods:

1th step, run the Web browser, enter the switch IP in the address bar, return, pop-up the following dialog box.

Step 2nd, enter the correct username and password.

The 3rd step, the connection establishment, may enter the switch configuration system.

Step 4th, switch setup and parameter modification according to the prompts

  • 1 Port GPON ONT
  • 16 FXS SIP VoIP
  • Layer 2 Optic Switch 24 Ports
  • Telecom Grade VoIP PBX System
  • 1 FXS SIP VoIP
  • SIP Phone POE

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