Solution Of Optical Module And Switch In Cloud Data Center Interconnection

- May 11, 2018 -

On November 5, 2018, in early data centers, managers tended to add servers to expand data centers, and as the scale exploded, the expansion came from land costs, water and electricity. Disaster tolerance and other factors. Therefore, the current data center operators tend to build distributed data center, build separate data center unit in the source area of distributed data center, and integrate the scattered data center into one through DCI.

This approach first effectively alleviates land supply, an advantage that is evident in densely populated metropolitan areas abroad; in fact, the use of decentralized units in distributed cloud data centers can provide sufficient power redundancy. It can reduce the influence of power failure on data center. However, because of its large number, this data center structure needs to provide low cost, high bandwidth and low latency DCI solutions.

Solution of Optical Module in High efficiency DCI

We know that the maximum transmission capacity in the transmission link depends on the optical module technology. At present 100G technology is rapidly becoming the main technology in each application level of DCI and 400G is also developing vigorously. In general, the higher the data center rate, the higher the price of optical modules with longer transmission distance. The following is the market value of optical modules listed by CHIMA technology combined with its own product properties.

It can be seen from the diagram that the QSFP28-IR4-100G optical module with transmission distance of 10KM (1310nm) is the choice with high comprehensive performance-price ratio, but this optical module requires a pair of special optical fibers to achieve bidirectional capacity, so the demand for optical fiber will increase greatly; in addition, the demand for optical fiber will be greatly increased. We can also make a comprehensive analysis of the choice of optical modules and draw the following conclusions:

 1, 100G PAM4 optical module may be the best solution when the transmission distance is 20-80 km;

 2, 100G-LR4 optical module will be widely used in 10 km range. But the CWDM optical module also has a certain market; 

3, the low cost 100G-CWDM4 optical module will be used in the 2KM market.

The solution of data center switch in efficient DCI

Traditional data centers use core routers, converging routers and access switches with three-tiered topologies, and today's super-large data center networks are moving to a ridge leaf structure called Leaf-and-Spine. Converging and sending data packets to the final destination at the ridge level and connecting terminal servers and load balancing at the leaf layer will require a large number of optical switches as hardware support throughout the structure.

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  • 16 Ports Web Smart Optic Switches
  • Media Converter Cards
  • Layer 2 Managed Ethernet Switch 24 Ports
  • 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • 3+2 Optic Fiber Switch

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