Switch Frequently Dropped

- Jun 11, 2018 -


There are many switches connected under the route, one of which, these days, frequently dropped the line. A few times ago, the switch restarted can be connected to the Internet normally for several hours. Today, after restarting the switch, it can only be on for dozens of minutes. All the other switches are normal. There is something wrong with this one. Replacement of the new switch is also frequent drop-off.

Problem analysis and resolution:

Check if there is a broadcast storm, such as if there is a loop ARP virus, can be monitored through the port, capture the packet view, if you do not understand these, you can try to check the line, whether there is a loop, such as a line, both ends are plugged into the switch. According to your situation, it's mostly a broadcast storm.

  • IPTV Setup Box
  • 24 Ports Web Smart Optic Switches
  • EPON ONU 4 Ports
  • 8 Ports Web Smart Optic Switches
  • 24+2 Optic Fiber Switch
  • 6 Service Slots Layer 3 Routing Switch

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