Talk About The Development Trend And Selection Method Of PoE Switch

- Jun 05, 2018 -

PoE technology can ensure the security of the existing structured cabling while ensuring the normal operation of the existing network and minimize the cost. For the terminal, it is not necessary to consider the problem of indoor electricity supply, but to reduce the cost easily, control conveniently and simplify the wiring project only through the standard interface.

In recent years, the market share of the network camera with PoE interface is growing rapidly, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and the peaceful city construction gradually thorough, the network camera in the market position is also getting higher and higher. With the increasing of the share of network camera, the proportion of PoE switch will increase, so the application of PoE switch in security industry becomes more and more, and the prospect of PoE switch is broad.

In the field of security, the products of PoE switch are unique and representative. With the characteristics of convenient installation, simple configuration, simple network structure, etc., they are gradually recognized by the market and have the potential for rapid development. It can be predicted that the Poe switch will be better and better in the future.

At the same time, more and more users choose PoE switch products according to their own needs, but in the face of a huge security market, how to choose a suitable PoE switch has become the most important issue for sellers. What do you need to know about a suitable PoE switch product? 10 years of focus on PoE switch R & D and production to provide you with some skills to help you buy products smoothly.

  1. Power supply: Power supply is the embodiment of the power supply ability of PoE switch, which has a direct impact on the normal operation of the surveillance camera. The single port output power of PoE switch with IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standards is 15.4W, while the output power of PoE switch with at standard can reach 30W. This can be seen, for the high-power surveillance camera, it is recommended to support at standard PoE switch. In addition to looking at single-port output power, but also to see the overall power of the PoE switch. At present, the common power in the market is 60WU 96WU, 150WN 250WN 400W, etc. The larger the power supply, the stronger the power supply capacity, and the more power can be supplied to more cameras.

  2. Power: Power supply is an important component that affects the quality of PoE switch, and it s also an important symbol to judge its merits and demerits. Because PoE switch is power supply equipment, so one of its hardware power supply is very important. In order to save the cost, some PoE switch manufacturers use cheap or inferior power supply, which will lead to problems in the use of PoE switch, such as no power supply, power supply instability, power consumption and so on. Only the PoE switch with high quality power supply can be more guaranteed. The PoE switch of Fengrunda adopts high quality power supply, and supports dual standard intelligent power supply, and the power supply is up to 400W, so it is known as "high-power" intelligent switch.

  3. port: It is not possible to transmit video data without an interface, but there will be a large amount of data transmission in the actual application of high-definition monitoring, which should be paid attention to when users choose and purchase video data. In addition, the port type of PoE switch can affect the network scheme that the port of PoE switch has the PoE function, the electric port that does not have the PoE function, the optical port and so on. The choice of live port PoE switch or PoE switch with optical port can be selected according to the specific situation. The number of ports in the PoE switch ranges from 4 to 24. The number of ports is determined by the number of ports that can support PoE power. The more ports, the more can be used to support more surveillance cameras at the same time. In general, the number of ports with 4 ports is too small. The number of ports with 24 ports is too much. PoE switches with 8 ports and 16 ports are most commonly used.

  4. transmission bandwidth: At present, HD is the mainstream trend of network monitoring, but it should be noted that in order to achieve the effect of HD, it is necessary to cooperate with the whole equipment. It is not enough to just configure HD cameras and HDTV terminals. Network bandwidth is also an important factor. So when choosing PoE switch, we need to look at its speed, backplane bandwidth, packet forwarding rate and so on. Generally speaking, the gigabit PoE switch is faster than the 100-megabit PoE switch, with large backplane bandwidth and high packet forwarding rate, that is, the gigabit PoE switch performs better than the 100-megabit PoE switch. Therefore, the ability of bandwidth should be fully considered when users choose PoE switch. If bandwidth is not enough to support high-definition transmission, packet loss will occur, which will affect the monitoring effect. To achieve high-definition, smooth effects, use a gigabit PoE switch.

  5. price: Price is also a factor in measuring purchase demand. Because there are many kinds of PoE switches in the market, the price level is uneven, many users do not know which to choose. Although the price of the large or big brand PoE switches is expensive, it can't deny that their quality is indeed more assured. Some small manufacturers In order to save costs, the quality of the general or inferior components, although extremely price advantage, but recommended careful choice.

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