Transfer Mode Of The Switch

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Switch mode has full duplex, half duplex, full duplex/Half-duplex Adaptive

The full duplex of a switch means that the switch can also receive data at the same time it sends data, which is as if we were talking on the phone, and we can hear each other's voice at the same time. The switch supports Full-duplex. The advantage of Full-duplex is that the delay is small and fast.

When it comes to Full-duplex, we can't help but mention another concept that corresponds closely to it, that is "half duplex", the so-called Half-duplex refers to a time period only one action occurs, for example, a narrow road, and only one car through, when there are two cars off, in this case, only one car before, When the other one opens, this example illustrates the principle of half-duplex. Early walkie-talkie, as well as early hubs and other equipment are the implementation of Half-duplex products. With the continuous progress of technology, the half-double trade union gradually withdrew from the stage of history.

  • IPTV Box 4K
  • 1 FXS SIP VoIP
  • Layer 3 Routing Switch
  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch 5 Ports

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