Unit Networks Are Always Offline? Often Restarting Switches.

- Jun 11, 2018 -

problem description:

A total of 670 computers are connected to the hotel, the main line is connected to the first floor, and the switch from the first floor is connected to the switch on the 2-6 floor respectively. The office area is on the second floor, and the computers in the room are all connected from the second floor switch. Now, the second floor is always off the line. The network connection is normal, but only when the transmission does not receive ping timeout, need to switch off switch on again can be resolved, sometimes need to restart three or four times a day, but other floors do not have this problem. Whether it is a question of switch.

Problem analysis and solution:

First, please turn all the machines on the ARP firewall

Second, you have too many switch levels, you don't know your switch model, the better one is no problem, almost there will be such a problem, and your second floor switch load is too large, unstable situation is normal.

Third, there may be a problem with jumper wire suggested that you use a good switch on the first floor to do the bus, other do extension 1 floor do not plug in other network lines.

If you don't want to change the line, change the switch on the second floor to a better one. The key is to see which load you have, how many connections, and how much data you convert.

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