Why Are Industrial Switches More Demanding Than General Switches

- Jun 18, 2018 -

Industrial switches are a small piece of automation, a narrow area that few manufacturers focused on a decade ago. With the development of automation and the use of industrial Ethernet and the establishment of large-scale industrial control network, industrial grade switch has some differences compared with ordinary switch. The strength and applicability of industrial grade switch can meet the requirements of industrial field in terms of planning and selection of components.

The main purpose of industrial switch products is to deal with the effects of video transmission carton and outdoor complex environment and temperature and humidity. If the design capacity of the product is insufficient bandwidth and buffer is not enough, it will inevitably cause transmission frame loss failure. The traditional digital communication equipment is used in the computer room. The outdoor bad environment will cause great interference to the equipment. The wide temperature lightning protection characteristic and the working humidity of 5- 95% of the industrial grade switch can ensure the outdoor communication performance not to be affected as much as possible.

The communication between industrial Ethernet switch and industrial network is closer, such as the interconnection of various fieldbus, the redundancy of equipment and the real-time requirement of equipment, mainly reflected in the different parameters applicable to the external environment. In addition to the particularly bad environment, the industrial environment also requires EMI electromagnetic compatibility, temperature, wet charge, dustproof and so on, especially the impact of temperature on industrial network equipment is the most extensive.

Industrial grade switchboards are generally used in industrial production. They usually have a variety of appearance and installation forms. Depending on the application, they are required to be waterproof, dustproof, anti-seismic and anti-electromagnetic interference. Of course, the reliability requirements are also very high. It also takes 24 hours to run for a long time without interruption.

The traditional big brands of industrial grade switches are foreign manufacturers, domestic local brands, after the development of these years, there have been several brands with considerable strength, such as Hai Shuo technology. Domestic brand industrial switch products, the biggest advantage is high cost performance. This is also in line with the security industry market demand, so with the security industry, so with The demand for PoE switches in the security industry is increasing, and the domestic industrial switch manufacturers are growing rapidly. With the development of switch technology, domestic brand industrial switches will soon become the mainstream of the security industry.

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  • ONT 1 Gigabit Port
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  • IP PBX 4 Ports
  • 3+2 Optic Fiber Switch
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