HD Voice POE SIP Phone

HD Voice POE SIP Phone

SVP1000P HD Voice POE Sip Ip Phone, greatly enhancing Voice quality with HD Voice Codecs. Support Auto Provisiong and Tr069 for remote management, perfect phone for Home or Office Voice Over IP applications.

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SVP1000PP HD Voice POE VoIP Phone:

The SVP1000PP is a VoIP phone based on Sip and IAX2 protocol. It supports 2 Sip and 1 IAX2 account simultaneous registrations. As soon as you have your VoIP accounts registered, you can make/receive calls over Internet. It also supports IEEE802.3af POE. You can power up your phone through a POE Ethernet switch rather than an external power supply.

The SVP1000P comes with an adjustable Phone support, it can be adjusted to low or high upright to suit your preferences. Its an ideal office/home phone terminal that you can use to save your telephone costs.

SVP1000P Highlights:

Support HD Voice

Powered by HD codecs, support HD Voice at handset and Speaker

Support G.722 Voice protocol

Support POE

Support IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet

Can power up the phone through a POE Ethernet switch without external power supply

Stylish Design & Adjustable Phone Support

Flat and thin design, comes with a stylish and modern looking.

Comes with adjustable Phone support, the phone can be set highly upright or lower upright.

Support SIP & IAX2 protocols

Support Sip & IAX2 protocol, 2 SIP and 1 IAX2 accounts can be registered simultaneously

Enhanced compatibility with Asterisk based VoIP servers.

Enhanced Compatibility with different VoIP servers

Fully compatible with Asterisk, 3CX, Huawei, Broadsoft, ZTE, Cloudwave, etc VoIP servers.

CHIMA can also customize the Software to make it compatible with a customer appointed VoIP server.

Rich Call Features

Support Call transfer, call waiting, Call hold, 3-way conference calls,

Support BLF list, CLIR, CLIP, Plug-N-Play calls

SVP1000P Specifications:

Support SIP and IAX2 protocols

Support SIP 2.0 and IAX2 protocols, 2 SIP and 1 IAX2 accounts can be registered simultaneously

Support registering to 2 SIP accounts from same or different SIP servers simultaneously

Support DTMF Relay, DTMF Sip Info and RFC2833 DTMF modes

Support SIP domain, SIP authentication (none, basic,MD5),

Support SIP Keep Alive, SIP UDP/TCP/TLS

Support Point to Point calls, make/receive calls without SIP registration

Ethernet Ports and LCD Display

1 *IEEE802.3af POE enabled WAN port for Powering up and Internet connection.

1 LAN port for connecting to local PC or other LAN terminals.

Comes with a Large dot matrix LCD display, 128*48 pixels

Programmable Keys, Extension Boards and Headsets

Total 29 Keys, including 4 programmable keys for Sip lines, IAX2 lines, Voice mail indicator, and headset.

Comes with 5 extension consoles, 26 keys per each console board

Support RJ9 headsets for operators

Audio Codecs

Support G.722 HD Voice codec

Support G.711A/U, G.723.1 High/Low,G.729a/b, G.722, G.726 codecs

Support Full duplex hands-free speakerphone

Support Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

Support Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)

Echo cancellation: Support G.168, and Hands-free at 96ms

Support Call forwarding

Support Call Call Transfer at blind, attended and alert mode

Call holding, Call Waiting, 10-way call conference

Support BLF list, Join call, Pickup Call, Call completion

Support Hot desk function

Support Auto Redial / unredial

Support multiple line and pre-dial features

Support messaging and MWI

Support Flexible dial plan

Support Barring function for outgoing calls

Support Do not disturb (DND)

Support Auto answer at handfree or headset mode

Support Caller ID display

Support Reject Anonymous Calls (CLIR)

Support Make Anonymous Calls (CLIP)

Support Dial without registration

Support Calling logs for missed calls, incoming calls and Outgoing calls, each support 300 history records

Support Phonebook feature: 500 phonebook records

Support SMS and Speed Dialing

Support Hotline and Warm-line

Support Calling Rejection

Support Caller/Callee Black List

Support Intercom and Intercom barge

Support Point-to-Point calls, no need to register to VoIP Server.

Support URL and URI activation

Support unique Voice codec settings for different SIP or IAX2 lines

Support XML phonebook/browser

Built-in with calling pad, Support direct WEB calls

Networking Features:

Comes with 1*10/100Base-Tx WAN and 1*10/100Base-Tx LAN ports

WAN connection supports Route and Bridge mode.

Support PPPOE for xDSL dialup connections

Support IEEE802.3af PoE on WAN port

Support Voice VLAN and Data VLAN

Support IEEE802.1P QOS rules for Voice

Support 802.1x Radius Authentication

Support NAT and NAPT

NAT transverse: support STUN client

Support DHCP client on WAN

Support DHCP server on LAN

Support main DNS and secondary DNS server.

Support DNS Relay, SNTP Client,

Support Broadband Router function, in-built with Firewall

Support L2TP VPN and OpenVPN

Support running Ping, Tracert commands in Telnet

Maintenance & Management

Support Keypad, HTTP Web, Telnet and Serial Console management

Support Multiple User rights, admin or user rights

Support firmware update through Console, WEB, FTP or TFTP mode

Support Auto Provision with DHCP Option 66

Support remote uploading, downloading configuration files with Telnet.

Support Safe mode, always has an ultimate way to recover the phone.

Support FTP/TFTP/HTTP Auto Provisioning to upgrade firmware and Config file or HTTPS to update Config file.

Support TR-069, can remote maintain the phone with ACS

Support Syslog

Main Application:

VoIP application for Enterprise Users

VoIP application for Home Users

VoIP application for Internet Service Providers

Hardware Interfaces:

WAN Port: 1* 10/100Base-Tx WAN

LAN Port: 1* 10/100Base-Tx ports LAN

Extension connection * 1

Power Jack * 1

RJ9 Headset interface * 1

Other Specifications:

Operation System


WAN Port

1 Port 10/100Base-Tx, IEEE802.3af POE enabled

LAN Ports

1 Port 10/100Base-Tx

Headset Interface


Extension Interface


Main Chipset


Flash Memory




LCD Display

128*48 pixels

Ethernet Cable

10Base-Tx: UTP category 3, 4,5, up to 100m
100Base-Tx: UTP category 5, up to 100m

Power Supply

AC 96-260V, DC 5V, 1A, External Power Supply

Temperature Humidity




0℃ - 45℃

10% - 90%


-40℃ - 50℃

5% - 90% RH

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